We wanted it all, didn’t we?

We demanded magic

(as if spontaneity could be planned)

We demanded perfect freedom and safety both

(how had we ever dreamed

of corrupting natural law?)


We were the great believers

(It was our strength and

our weakness)

Who would have guessed

that the very love that

brought us together would

break our hearts?


And here we are again

This time in a rage

for peace

(as though virtue could

be assembled)


Even in the end

. . . We want it all

We demand a leaving made

of affection (as though poverty

was ever cured by

good intentions)


There is no redemption

in a decent memorial

(Charlie is still dead)


From “We Hardly See Each Other Any More”


I am sadly

proud that

the ladies  see

how beautiful he is

I never thought

I would say

this . . . But

I’ll pray that their

love will heal

him from

mine . . . But

I’ll never be

happy about



From “We Hardly See Each Other Any More”


Hard to believe it now . . . But

there was a time

when I would have given you

everything I had

. . . Trouble is

I did


From “We Hardly See Each Other Any More”


So confused by the original

they only sang

on Sunday


The mystery is that there is

no mystery


Things mean what you want them

to mean


You can get what you give

this is the instruction

the trick is not to tell the story

like it wasn’t about you


The secret is there is

no secret


I can only tell you what I see

not what was seen –

the eyes are original work


From “The People Who Didn’t Say Good Bye”

Sharing 101

SHARING is not dividing up property

it is not giving something away.




Joy isn’t what we’re doing

JOY is how we FEEL about what

we’re doing


and SHARING is not when you give up part

of something because you have to


SHARING is how we can teach people

what is already theirs


Nothing true is diminished by sharing it.


From “The Cost of Living”   the new work of Merrit Malloy


My friend Jack

went to Heaven this morning

Wally called and told me

that he left the house

around nine o’clock

. . . He should be there

by now


We knew he was leaving

Lately when he took our hand

he squeezed

a little harder

than he used



We were all in on it

Each of us had an awkward moment

when we laughed too loud

or tired too hard

He knew why we called more often

He knew why we stayed

a little longer

than we used



My friend Jack

Left a big hole in the world today

All three networks used the past tense

as they pointed out his triple crown

and poured him into

history . . . But


We knew he was getting ready

We were all in on it


From “The People Who Didn’t Say Goodbye”


There is a place

Lower than birth

Below the seed

. . . It is where children

give birth to parents

. . . where the human is too true

to be good


It’s the place

where babies come from


From “The People Who Didn’t Say Good Bye”

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